Happy Xmas to all

December 2, 2013
Happy Christmas to all geese. Wishing them all a safe and happy Christmas time.

Xmas Fundraiser from the Dogs

December 2, 2013
We're always saving geese who have been injured & have special needs.
This Christmas those wonderful dogs www.dogs4geese.com are running a
Sponsor A Goose for Xmas Appeal.
You can give this gift of a Goose Sponsorship to a friend or relative or even yourself!
Your goose will live happily ever after at Ozfarmyard and you will receive photo & details.
Please consider this great gift.

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Dogs In Hats

October 9, 2012

(& on Twitter @dogs4geese)  
are running a Fundraiser for us called         

Dogs In Hats Competition
so please visit their website and support
this fun event.

What a great bunch of dogs & WOW
don't they look good in hats.
 HOL (honk out loud)

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Geese in Hats

October 9, 2012

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$ 50 AUD

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