We are currently lobbying Councils & City Authorities to erect signs to deter people from dumping geese in public parks. Offering an alternative.

You can help by starting a Petition in your area or lobbying your local authorities. Make a Plan for Unwanted geese. Form a working relationship with a local sanctuary or rescue group

Local Council Rangers. have been assisting us to capture and relocate a flock in danger.

2 geese from local Vet. Surrendered for euthanasing.  Safe now.

Another deceased Estate rescue completed successfully (in pouring rain AGAIN!!) All safe in their new home

       Egg Decorating 

          goose egg are great for 
              Make you own gifts

   Geese Advertised for Eating

There are geese advertised in local papers "ready to eat" etc etc.   These are young geese who have not yet grown up... they deserve to live their life!

If you see a goose advertised in your local paper that will be killed why not buy it and find it a forever home. Contact your local rescue organisation if you cant find it a home yourself.

The geese are soo happy to find a home  they are young and opinionated.  It is a joy to behold


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         Pet Duck                Rescue         

 ducks are also dumped. If they are not native then they should not be left to fend for themselves.They need to be re-homed too

The recent terrible event  where a flock of ducks & geese were all gruesomely killed by unknown persons late on a Saturday night highlights the fact that once all the visitors go home the geese & ducks at any park are left to fend for themselves. Anti-social behaviour is a big problem in public parks at night & this is no place for a domesticated bird.

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